5 Tips to Unleash Your Creative Genius

creative energy

Perhaps you are an innovator, a marketer, an artist or teacher. Whatever your occupation, each of us demand creativity from life and from ourselves.

Creativity is energy, and you have to replenish the energy that you put out. If you experience a plateau or–even worse–a decrease in your creativity it could mean that you’re not replenishing the creative energy you exert.

We must first take care of ourselves before we can take care of anything else. That’s good news for you. It means that by putting your own creativity first you can perform better in the workplace.

Here are five tips to unleash your inner creative genius.

1. Open Yourself To New Experiences

Creativity is born when we push ourselves beyond comfort and familiarity. How can you push your creative limits if you’re always within your comfort zone? Go new places, meet new people, and try new activities. Let your mind escape to unknown surroundings. You’ll feel refreshed and gain a unique perspective on your project(s).

2. Feed Your Soul

It’s easy to get caught up in work and let our own passions go by the way-side. Maybe you miss one book club meeting, skip a few days of exercise, or back-out of yet another Wednesday game night. Be warned. All work and no play stifles creativity. Do what brings you joy and do it with those you love. Read, write, paint or play. Find an activity that brings you peace and clarity. Have you ever been under a lot of stress and then spent time on a hobby? Perhaps it was going for a hike, taking a trip, or creating something with your hands. If that activity helped to reduce stress and clear your mind, then that’s one of your gateways to creativity. Make time for it.

3. Exercise

I’m not going to give you a lecture on the benefits of exercise. You know it’s imperative. Exercise releases chemicals that help us think more clearly. It keeps us physically and emotionally strong. Read what some of the most successful entrepreneurs and business executives do each day before starting work. The routine may differ some from person to person, but most of these people make exercise a lifestyle. You may prefer to sweat in the evening, during an afternoon break, or in the morning (like me). It doesn’t matter as long as it works for you.

4. Eat Well and Regularly

Diet has a tremendous effect on mental health. Make a few healthier choices throughout the day to increase cognitive function. Consider drinking tea or water instead of Diet Coke. Grab an apple instead of a Snickers bar (although Betty White totally made that marketing campaign). Eat frequently to keep up your energy. I know it’s easy to keep your attention focused on the tasks at hand, but getting hangry (so hungry you get angry) doesn’t help ANYONE.

5. Enjoy Other Artwork

It’s easy to become so obsessed in our own work that we forget to enjoy the work of others. Creative work has a magical element. It’s tangible so that we can all consciously experience it, but abstract enough for each of us to have our own interpretation, regardless of how the artist intended us to perceive it. Look at the work others create. What does it mean to you, society, and your audience? What are the strengths in the art? What are the weaknesses? What about it makes you want to share it with the world and say, “Yes, this really holds truth”? Compared to shrugging your shoulders saying, “Well anyone could’ve done that.”

Go Be Creative

Don’t starve your inner creative genius. Feed it with new experiences. Dream big and sleep well. Enjoy the world around you so the world may in turn enjoy you.

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