I believe all things are possible with God. This blog is to share stories of how faith manifests in my life and tips for how you can live your best life, too.

There’s been so many things I’ve been told, or told myself, were impossible.

But the miracles keep stacking up. The accomplishments and skills keep compounding. The list of meaningful relationships and adventures keep growing. We are truly capable of anything and everything through our faith in Jesus (God) who gives us strength and wisdom beyond comprehension. It’s amazing how the things I thought were impossible are quite possible.

It’s not that life is always easy. I still experience times of deep sadness and loneliness but, like a storm, they pass and I come out strong and better. That’s the power of God. That’s the power faith in love, goodness, and that all things are possible.

Topics I Cover Are:

Spirituality – stories and tips on how to grow spiritually and live beyond the physical limitations of this world.

Storytelling – I’m an entrepreneur and one business provides a service for using communication techniques like story to make facts so interesting and inspiring that people want to live by them. Check out Moxie Blue Media.

Creative Writing – I’m a science fiction and creative writer who uses this art form to connect with people more deeply than most non-fiction ever will.

Dessert Art – I love making cakes, cookies, and other desserts into decadent pieces of art. Check out @TexasLifestyleCakes on Instagram.

Recipes for Fit Foodies – I love food but also love being fit and healthy, so I’m sharing my tips and recipes on how to have your favorite dishes and treats while achieving health goals.

Fitness – Our bodies are capable of amazing things! I’m sharing weight lifting and other work out tips while sharing my journey to perfecting handstands and other inversion / yoga poses.

Travel – Our world is beautiful, vast, mysterious, and a glimpse into God’s imagination. 

And more….

Because we are capable of more than we can imagine, and my list of interests and talents keep growing. My hope and prayer for you is that you realize the same is possible for you and are inspired because you are worthy and loved.

weird light shine bright