6 Characteristics of Phenomenal Marketing Strategists

traits of marketing strategists

There are two crucial components to successful marketing: strategy and action. Without strategy, your actions will never be fully in line with reaching business goals. For every company (especially startups) each minute of each day matters. Not one item should be executed unless it’s helping you reach your desired result. But what good is strategy without action? Action is what puts strategy in motion and is necessary to take you from point A to point B.

A phenomenal marketing strategist is someone who consistently drives results on time and on budget. She has the street-smarts and book-knowledge to develop a strategy that takes into account risk, resources, and target revenue. She has the agility to pivot strategy and take necessary action to turn seemingly disastrous moments into victorious occasions.

Traits to Look for in Marketing Strategists

Here are five characteristics I look for in marketing strategists:

Disciplined. There is a reason I list this trait first. Discipline is a word too often left out of articles about successful marketing. Strong strategy skills aren’t only innate, but must be cultivated. Much of what needs to be accomplished to create a stable and efficient marketing environment comes from strategic routine and consistency. Just like professional body builders train for the next competition, the best marketers understand and appreciate proper planning, measuring, and adjustment of strategy. They are organized and follow the necessary steps to meet their goals.

Data-Driven. Everyone has opinions, but the right strategist will back up her recommendations with data. She will analyze data to see what information presents itself naturally, and she will also search data for particular findings to see if it confirms or negates her hypotheses.

Curious. Curiosity is what keeps us learning, testing, and pushing the boundaries of what we think is possible. The right strategist will not be content with checking off items on her to-do list. She will constantly learn about your business, buyers, market, and solutions. If you try to keep in her a box labeled only for “marketing” she will become frustrated and discontent. She recognizes that to provide her best work she must see the business from multiple angles.

Invested. A phenomenal marketing strategist will make decisions as though she is spending her own money and resources. She will not advocate for anything she would not implement at her own cost. She will not settle for mediocre results. Do not be surprised (but get excited) when she starts talking about the company as though it is her own.

Tech Savvy. Go for the marketer who understands technology. Technology is how our society functions. It provides us platforms to communicate, conduct business, and simplify our daily lives. A strategist who understands how target audiences use technology, and how she can in-turn use it to make your processes more efficient, is worth investing in. Leverage her to push your technology to the max and make it a profitable investment.

Optimistic. A marketing strategist must have an undying will to survive the business world. No matter what goes wrong (because at sometime, regardless of careful planning, there will be something that goes awry) she will not accept defeat and will turn the situation into a win. Whether the problem arises due to internal company issues or circumstances outside the brand’s control, your strategist should make the most of the situation and turn it into a worthwhile lesson.

Start Shopping Before Hiring a Marketing Strategist

Hiring a marketing strategist is one of the most exciting and important moments for your business. Marketing is how you communicate your brand personality and purpose to buyers, employees, investors, partners, influencers and media.

I recommend you begin looking for a strategist now. You wouldn’t wait until a week before you wanted to get married to start dating, would you? The same applies here. Get to know different agencies, consultants, and freelance strategists today.

Happy shopping. Come back for more information on how to hire, manage, and leverage your marketing team.

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