Welcome to my personal site where you’ll find stories — fiction and nonfiction- about this crazy experience we call “life.”

What should you know about me?

I’ve been studying psychology and the science of communication for more than ten years, and I’m still completely captivated by how our brains work to perceive and create life experiences.

As an avid reader growing up, I was always amazed how I could feel the same excitement, fear, or joy of the characters I read about. These were characters living completely different lives, in completely differently times and places than me.

What was this power of storytelling that I could live someone else’s life, learn their lessons and feel their emotions, all in the context of my imagination stirred by the words in a book?

Computer scientists and neurologists have now performed multiple studies and published their discoveries on how the brain processes stories. All studies show that stories affect our brains on a neurological level the same way real-life experiences do.

This passion for understanding our how brain perceives life experiences and mastering the art of storytelling led me to open my business, Moxie Blue Media. Here, I help brands communicate a vision and inspire action in their audience by using communication techniques such as story.

You’ll also find me cooking, decorating ridiculously lavish-looking cakes, starting new hobbies and exploring beautiful places.

I hope in this content you find companionship and inspiration. Thank you for reading.

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