There’s no set-in-stone topics you’ll find on this site. It’s just my stories and musings about life. About what it’s like to be here, in this time, as me.

Some stories are fiction, and others are nonfiction. All research will be sourced. Opinion pieces will be obvious.

What should you know about me?

I love the feeling of my imagination growing. It’s sort of an addiction. I’m always looking for my next dose. Sometimes it’s in the form of a short story; memory shared by a friend; movie; game; series of articles; a stranger’s Facebook post gone viral.

I see stories everywhere.

Some are so masterfully designed they help me think of new things from different perspectives. Things I would have never dreamed of myself. Questions I wouldn’t have otherwise asked. Characters I would never have imagined, but their experiences — even though so different from mine — speak to a universal truth. A universal truth that reminds me we’re connected, and the truth can be told in many ways. This is my favorite feeling.

I own a business that develops stories for companies as part of their marketing, sales, and education programs. Our research is focused on understanding how people perceive, create, and communicate their reality and life experiences.

I love creating things and working with my hands. Cooking, candle making, drawing, do-it-yourself projects around the home. These are all things you’ll find me doing throughout the week in my free time. Especially in the fall and winter months, and on rainy days.

Clouds are one of my favorite things.

Science fiction is currently my favorite genre.

I hope in this content you find companionship and inspiration. Thank you for reading.

weird light shine bright